Trust, Isolation & ProofS

Project TIPS
Project Key Information

Project Status: cancelled

Start Date: October 2019

End Date: March 2023

Budget (total): 9440.7  K€

Effort:  85.44 PY

Project-ID: C2019/1-2

Project Coordinator

Name: Chrystel Gaber

Company: Orange

Country: France


Project Consortium

Orange SA, France

Université de Lille, France

CNAM, France

Tecwec System SA, France

OPPIDA, France

Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal

University of Aveiro, Portugal

OneSource, Portugal

Eurecat, Spain

Wattabit, Spain

BEIA Consult International S.R.L, Romania

S21Sec, Spain

IOTR, France


TIPS project will deliver frameworks and solutions for Virtual Security Functions in the context of Edge Computing. The aim is to deploy and compose security microservices in isolated secure, dedicated and mathematically proven environments. These solutions will be available to devices with low computational and security features as well as to larger devices. This enables a system with heterogeneous device capacities to achieve an overall security level.During the Celtic-Plus ODSI project, partners have demonstrated the feasibility of building a proven Trusted Computing Base (TCB) within industrial constraints, combining it with an authorization framework and a flexible system security evaluation, the Lego methodology.TIPS project extends the ODSI approach for building trusted systems. TIPS project ambition provides to the industry:

  • enrichment of the methodology with regards to the application domain to prove critical software components based on ODSI’s results,
  • Lego methodology pilot to illustrate formally its approach and associated support tools,
  • frameworks for the deployment and use of security microservices (Virtual Security Functions),
  • use cases as technical evidence of TIPS concepts,
  • dissemination of TIPS proofs, enablers for security microservices and open source implementation, communication of the Lego methodology pilot to certification agencies,

TIPS deliverables shall be neutral regarding the industrial strategies of implementation. Focus is on frameworks and on security.

TIPS vision is to improve the TRL (Technology Readiness Level), industrial applicability of Virtual Security Functions and security in the context of Edge Computing and IOT.

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