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Werner Mohr
Nokia Siemens Networks
e-mail: werner.mohr (at)
Involved countries: Italy
Germany Poland
Denmark Spain
Finland Sweden
France UK

This is a “Celtic” project;

Project Key Information

Start date

End date Budget (total) Effort (total) Project-ID
April 2008 October 2010 12,685 K€ 90.7 PY CP5-035
Mobile communications is an important economic driver generating growth. Significantly improved transmission capabilities are increasingly required to support content-rich data oriented services in order to connect people as well as machines to the information society.The support of broadband services for mobile and wireless applications towards IMT-Advanced, with excellent user experiences, are key trends for future radio access technologies (RAT), providing deployment scenarios with reduced operator’s CAPEX and OPEX. The WINNER+ project addresses these challenges from a technical, standardisation and regulatory perspective.

Based on the basic system concept, which was developed in the FP6 WINNER and WINNER II projects, this project will develop, optimise and evaluate a competitive IMT-Advanced candidate proposal by integrating innovative and cost-effective additional concepts and functions and providing an evolution path towards further improved performance of IMT-Advanced. This development is ongoing in a globally competitive environment. Technology candidate proposals are expected from Europe, IEEE, China, Japan and Korea. In order to reduce fragmentation and to ensure a competitive European position in the global context, this project is mobilising manufacturers and operators in Europe and the research community for a collaborative research effort. The consortium is based on the leading role of European companies in the global market on mobile and wireless communications.

Innovations are expected in the areas: radio-resource management, including active management of interference, heterogeneous network deployment including relaying as integral part, in combination with antenna concepts, spectrum sharing and its flexible usage, multi- and broadcast capabilities, exploitation of peer-to-peer links between user terminals and incorporation of network coding. These activities will take into account the results of WRC 2007 in November 2007.Frequency spectrum, as a scarce resource, requires efficient reuse and sharing techniques between different RATs. The WINNER+ system focuses on tight and low latency cooperation across RATs but also across WINNER+ networks for efficient spectrum use.

Key technologies and selected concepts will be evaluated and optimised through prototypes and emulators in order to show the feasibility of the developed radio interface. The WINNER+ project will contribute essential technical information to the forthcoming standardisation and regulatory process after WRC 2007 via well-established channels, significantly increasing the opportunities to exploit the WINNER+ system concept.

Focus areas
The project will focus on innovative concepts and technologies for systems beyond IMT-2000 building on the research results in the FP6 WINNER and WINNER II projects and the actual status of discussion in ITU-R.
Expected outcome
In summary the overall results will be an optimised radio access system concept, which is evaluated by means of link and system level simulations and demonstrations of key functionalities.
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