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Wireless traffic Safety network between Cars

Project Coordinator Project Consortium
Pekka Eloranta
e-mail: pekka.eloranta[at]
Mobisoft, FI Centre Henri Tudor (CRP-HT), LU
Finnish Meteorological Institute, FI Taipale Telematics, FI
Université du Luxembourg, LU Sunit Oy, FI
VTT, FI Ubridge Co Ltd, Korea
InfoTripla, FI

This is a “Celtic” project;

Project Key Information

Start date

End date Budget (total) Effort (total) Project-ID
July 2009 March 2012 4210 k€ 32.2 PY CP6-015

The overall aim of this project is to develop a reliable wireless traffic service platform to improve traffic safety, avoid traffic accidents and provide variety of new type of services to vehicles. This objective will be achieved by means of secure data collection from vehicles and fixed stations, secure dissemination of data between vehicles, and make use of such data for real-time transport service applications. The motivation of this project proposal came from Celtic’s earlier project, CARLINK. The core members of WSafeCar consortium have been working together in CARLINK, where intelligent way of creating wireless traffic platform for public transport services was researched and developed based on hybrid networking (Mobile WiMAX, WiFi, 2G/3G) and several innovative vehicular applications. It was realized in CARLINK that such platform should have some way to protect and authenticate data in order to provide reliable services in wireless vehicular communication environment.Traditionally, security issues in vehicular networks have been solved by simply adding available cryptographic solutions. Most of cryptographic mechanisms are realized to increase transmission overhead in wireless environment where available radio resource is strictly limited. We have also noticed that they increase management cost, for example when there are different applications requiring multiple means of data authentication. One research possibility is to apply “dissemination networking” idea to existing CARLINK components. Dissemination networking is data-oriented networking method which was proposed lately by Van Jacobson. In dissemination networks, the source of the data or the mean of carrying the data is not important, however, the receiver can obtain necessary data from any neighbouring nodes and check the authenticity of the data by itself. Dissemination networking is also known to increase efficiency of sharing disseminated (broadcasted/multicasted) information, especially in mobile mesh environment.

In this project, we will analyze and propose an efficient and secure wireless communication solution based on CARLINK components. We will also continue and deepen the research subjects in CARLINK in order to seek for better way of network convergence and real-time transport services.

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