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Objective of my Project Idea

AI4SMB energy fitness provides a detailed, real time insight into household energy consumption. Based on learned appliance and user behaviour AI4SMB energy fitness makes recommendations to reduce consumption and energy cost.
 Deep insights into consumption patterns of your client base
 Direct channel and customer engagement
 Comprehensive energy management solution for home or office
 Reduces energy consumption and energy cost, can help to make better use of renewable energy sources

Types of partners being sought
grant, licence, partnership,
Proposal key words
  • C8 Artificial Intelligence
  • E9 Smart Energy (incl. energy efficiency)
  • K2 Artificial Intelligence
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Name: Robert C. Brunner
Company: AI4SMB - AI for SMBs
Type of Organisation: Industry
Country: Germany
Telephone: +4982166109030

Brief description of my Organisation

AI4SMB is an EU-based IT-developer consortium and sw development shop outstanding mainly in eHealth and applied AI for manufacturers (Manufacturers, Logistics, energy).
AI4SMB has got a solid background in AI research since years. We are long-term technology partner for startups and innovative enterprises in the US and across the EU.
AI4SMB delivers success to companies in healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, retail and research for more than 15 years. Our customers value us for our deep expertise, our innovative yet pragmatic approach, and our reliability.

AI4SMB offers a proprietary advanced analytics technology, designed to boost any Advanced Analytics endeavour, enabling the transition to a data driven healthcare model. It provides AI for data and the best practices in Data Science, incl. Healthcare & Pharma applications.

AI4SMB is an AI software engineering shop with excellent expertise in enterprise software development and solid background in AI research, as predictive maintenance. We are long-term technology partner for startups and innovative enterprises in the US and across the EU.
The main areas of our expertise are:
• Digital healthcare + pharma, esp. interoperability standards (IHE), clinical data formats (CDA, HL7, FHIR, DICOM, Snomed CT), MDR regulations, telemedicine, precise medicine, patient empowerment, …
• mobility, railways, space & defence, energy (PV, prediction maintenance, …
• Applied Artificial Intelligence (AR/VR, avatars and new interactive media, NLP, Machine, and Deep Learning, …)
• Applied Computer Science (hi-availability, hi-performance distributed systems, sw architecture and engineering, scalability, refactoring, mobile apps, …)
• Start-up expertise (from technical feasibility and advisory, through sw development, delivery, and operation, up to equity partnerships)

Sometimes, we use the term „sw boutique“, to emphasize the difference against the „standard mass-production“ off-shore software houses in India, Russia, Poland etc, this difference means that as an “haute couture salon”, we offer the tailored high-quality, high-performance and innovative smart sw solutions instead of just competing on price… This difference results from the following main areas of expertise:

We are rather “problem solvers” than just programmers (said by words of one of our long-term American customers). This algorithmic skill is because many of our team members have the scientific background (including several PhD degrees) in the areas of computer science and AI.
Our native and preferred way of working is an agile, innovative yet pragmatic development - i.e., based on getting the regular feedback and planning further development goals with the customer iteratively.

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