Invulnerable secure edge cloud document storage

Invulnerable secure edge cloud document storage

Title of my Project Idea
Invulnerable secure edge cloud document storage
Objective of my Project Idea

Holding information at the edge of the network, close to consumers, has the potential to reduce costs and energy consumption, but maintaining physical and digital security at many distributed locations is challenging. After cost, potential edge computing users cite security concerns as their biggest concern. For the most sensitive data, organisations have tended to prefer on-premises storage, with the additional security and reliability risks that this entails.
Umbra Systems has a new mathematical approach to efficiently, quickly and economically split a source document into multiple shadows; each of which is provably un-decryptable, that can be distributed in an optimal manner between premises, edge and cloud, but where zero-trust is required of any storage node. High & variable levels of redundancy and distributed storage of the shadows minimize both loss of data, and loss of access to data, whilst as any subset of the shadows is sufficient to recreate the original material, reducing latency.

Types of partners being sought
Edge computation and storage, SaaS companies dealing with sensitive documents, Network optimisation systems
Proposal key words
  • A13 Network Security / Privacy
  • B6 Cloud Services
  • C4 Security/ safety, trust and identity
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Name: Ed French
Company: Umbra Systems Ltd
Type of Organisation: SME
Country: United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 114 360 2600

Brief description of my Organisation

Umbra Systems is backed by Pinpoint Ventures and Startup Factory and has a team of experienced developers working on the software guided by a former Royal Navy Cryptographer and Professor of Cryptography.

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