Title of my Project Idea
Objective of my Project Idea

The recent COVID-19 pandemic across the globe affected our lives in many ways, hit economies, healthcare systems, education, work-life. It caused manufacturing organizations to suffer many significant operational challenges, obligatory shutdowns due to government restrictions or falling demand, the risk to spread the virus among all workers without sufficient precautions. All manufacturing facilities had to develop plans for continuing operations in the setting of COVID-19 occurring among workers or in the surrounding community. Briefly, project idea has emerged after COVID-19 and it is basically a prevention and monitoring system in production facilities.

Types of partners being sought
Expertise in real time sensing from production areas, sensor fusion and data visualization expertise, Use case provider, Open to new features that might be added to the proposed system which adds value to the product itself
Proposal key words
Presentation File


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Name: Hazal Bedir
Company: Medron Teknoloji
Type of Organisation: SME
Country: Turkey

Brief description of my Organisation

Medron Medical Technologies is founded in 2011 and pioneering independent IoT and smart device development company, established to serve the sophisticated digital and system transformation needs of the clients.
Company has already some products on the market which gives them market knowledge and experience in medical wearables.
Medron is a micro-scale SME with 8 employees.

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