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    If you would like to present a proposal /project idea, please specify title (and details, if available)

    I agree that my presentation, including my contact details will be shown to the participants during the proposers day's sessions.

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    Presentation file(s) must be emailed as soon as possible but at the latest by 24th January 2022 to office[at]celticnext.eu.
    Please use the following presentation template: Presentation template
    Please be aware that the presentations are limited to 8 minutes.

    The information collected here will be used for keeping a record of the CELTIC Proposers Day registrations on 26 January 2022 (including the consortium building sessions afterwards), and for sending you the access details shortly before the Proposers Day. We will handle your personal data in strict compliance with European and German data protection laws. For more details, please read our Data Protection Declaration at Data Protection Declaration.

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