6 new projects received CELTIC-NEXT label

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CELTIC-NEXT labelIn the CELTIC-NEXT Spring Call 2021, 10 validated proposals submitted by 12th April 2021 got selected in the evaluation process, and out of them 6 new projects received the CELTIC-NEXT label.

The labelled projects are now eligible for funding by the project partners’ national funding bodies.

The consortia of the six projects include a total number of 76 partner organisations from 12 countries, ranging from leading industry players to SMEs and academic institutions.

The six projects include the following topics:

  • 6G for Connected Sky
  • Massive IoT over High Density LoRaWan Networks
  • Ultra Scalable Wireless Access
  • AI-Powered Communication for Health Crisis Management
  • Federated AI Platform for Industrial Technologies
  • Cloud-based Online Access to Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulations

As soon as the funding for the new projects is confirmed and they are ready to start, each of them will be presented on the CELTIC-NEXT website.

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