Capacity to develop, deploy and operate cybersecurity solutions (systems, assets, software, controls and services) on infrastructures and products

Name: Paula Iglesias
Company Name: EMETEL

Expertise offered:
EMETEL is a technology consultancy oriented to facilitate public and private entities the digitization of their business processes. EMETEL has a cybersecurity department (more than 70 cybersecurity professionals) which offers all the key services to guarantee the security of organisations and their critical infrastructures to face present and future challenges in cybersecurity and cyber-intelligence. As well as this, EMETEL develops its own cybersecurity products, the result of its innate commitment to R&D and continuous innovation. Since CELTIC-NEXT recommends all projects to consider the cybersecurity dimension we can adapt our role to different use cases and sectors: energy, industry, ports, mobility,[...]

Expertise key words:A7 Energy efficiency (of networks)B22 Disaster recovery, safetyB7 Security, Privacy related servicesC4 Security/ safety, trust and identityG1 Smart gridJ2 Fueling/charging infrastructureK2 Artificial Intelligence

With MODOYA AGVs, we aim to take our customers to the next level in intralogistics. We focus on providing the best solution with problem-oriented high flexibility, low operating costs and user-friendly products. Everything of our vehicles, from software

Company Name: MODOYA Elektronik Otomasyon Mühendislik Danışmanlık San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Expertise offered:
Modoya is an engineering company that specializes in manufacturing Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs). Established in 2015, our company focuses on designing and manufacturing products tailored to meet our customers' specific needs. Over the years, Modoya has excelled in various sectors. We carry out all our product processes, including design, software development, and manufacturing, within Modoya. Having this experienced team enables us to provide tailored software and design solutions specific to your industry with the best price. We offer four main product groups: Junior, Platform, Truck, and Fork models. In addition to these product lines, we can transform all your manual[...]

Expertise key words:E3 Digital Enterprise including Industry 4.0K2 Artificial Intelligence

Applied Cryptography and Blockchain Security

Name: Alptekin Küpçü
Company Name: Xtinge Technology Inc.

Expertise offered:
Our group has academic level expertise on blockchains and crypto currencies, especially focusing on their security and novel applications. With more than 15 years of cryptographic expertise on provably secure protocol design, we authored world-class scientific publications on the topic. We are open for project collaboration as well as consultancy roles.

Expertise key words:A13 Network Security / PrivacyB7 Security, Privacy related servicesC4 Security/ safety, trust and identityK4 Blockchain

Innovative Tech Solutions in AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analytics. Custom digital solutions that fit every use case.

Name: Panos Athanasiadis
Company Name: allWeb Solutions S.A.

Expertise offered:
Allweb Solutions S.A., established in Greece in 1989, excels in developing custom information systems and solutions, with a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and IoT. Our expertise encompasses system design, software development, quality assurance, and IT consulting, leveraging agile and waterfall methodologies for effective problem-solving. We specialize in transforming complex data into actionable insights, supporting sectors like government, finance, health, and manufacturing with cutting-edge technologies such as Cloud computing and Blockchain. Our team combines technical skills with business acumen, ensuring solutions that align with clients' strategic objectives. Certified by ISO standards, Allweb is committed to delivering[...]

Expertise key words:A9 Network infrastructure and platformsB11 Smart home related services and applicationsB14 eHealth related services and applicationsB15 eGovernment related services and applicationsB16 eLearning / digital school related services and applicationsB18 Gaming services and applicationsB2 Data ServicesB20 Business related services and applications (incl. ePayment)B5 Mobile ServicesB6 Cloud ServicesB8 IoT related servicesC1 Future Service PlatformsC5 Big Data, Data Mining, Reality MiningC8 Artificial IntelligenceD3 Cloud-relatedD5 Internet of ServicesE1 Smart Cities (incl. smart grids, water management, etc.)E2 Digital / Smart HomeE3 Digital Enterprise including Industry 4.0E5 Smart Learning / Digital SchoolE7 eHealthE8 eGovernmentK1 IoTK2 Artificial IntelligenceK4 Blockchain

Research and competence center with expertise in modeling and simulation, hardware/software integration, systems engineering, AI & machine learning, and robotics

Name: Dr. Stefan Ehrlich
Company Name: SETLabs Research GmbH

Expertise offered:
Our expertise includes modeling and simulation, hardware/software integration, systems engeneering, AI & machine learning, and robotics. Our focus is on the fields healthcare technologies, mobility and cross-domain.

Expertise key words:B14 eHealth related services and applicationsC8 Artificial IntelligenceE7 eHealth

Electronics Digita twin Design Partner

Name: deepak v katkoria
Company Name: logiicdev

Expertise offered:
Austrian-based high-tech SME company is working on AI-based test equipment for batteries, Photonics, and IoT. We have competencies & expertise in the Development & production of electronic products, Hardware and software development Battery and charging technology, and Industrial electronics. We have a strong team of PE, FPGA, SW, and FW engineers. Areas of interest are power electronics,Big Data, digital twins, AI, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, digitisation, Smart Transportation, Cloud Computing, and Cyber Security. We have a wide experience participating in joint projects.

Expertise key words:A7 Energy efficiency (of networks)B10 Smart City related services and applicationsB8 IoT related servicesC8 Artificial IntelligenceD4 Internet of Things, including Sensors and WearablesG6 Electronics & appliancesG7 Smart sensorsJ1 BatteriesJ2 Fueling/charging infrastructureK1 IoTK2 Artificial Intelligence

RF & mm-Wave radio IC design, Wireless transceivers and PLLs, AESA/beamforming chips for 5/6G, SATCOM, and RADAR

Name: Panagiotis Kassanos
Company Name: Akronic P.C.

Expertise offered:
Akronic is a fabless semiconductor company providing cutting-edge silicon solutions and design services for wireless transceivers, RADAR sensors and antenna beamforming systems. Our strength is in analog, mixed-signal, RF/mmWave integrated circuit design in CMOS and BiCMOS technologies for transceivers, up/down converters, phase locked loops, Active Electronic Steering Antennas (AESA), phased array/beamforming systems, for for 5/6G, SATCOM and RADAR. We have delivered highly integrated microelectronics extending from prototyping to production turnkey solutions, enabling the translation of ideas into working silicon realities.

Expertise key words:A1 Networks Elements and InfrastructuresA2 Mobile / WirelessG6 Electronics & appliances

Mobile Private Network design O-RAN and Wi-Fi

Name: Mike Dimelow
Company Name: Zeetta Networks Ltd

Expertise offered:
Network engineering expertise to design, dimension, evaluate and select vendors, blueprint design, deploy and commission equipment for both Wi-Fi and 4G/5G cellular technologies.


Cires21 Video Streaming solutions. Empowering Mission-Critical Video Environments

Name: Juan Casal
Company Name: Cires21

Expertise offered:
Cires21 is currently making a big investment to increase its R&D capacity, complementing the R&D development team with new AI engineers. With extensinve experience in own R&D projects, we have recently made a big effort to empower our R&D team to fasten the development and adoption of new features that the video world is now demanding. Among our R&D interests we can cite: - Everything related to live OTT video streaming services. - FAST channels - Realtime/non-realtime Audio transcription, synchonization and translation through AI - Realtime/non-realtime Computer Vision: Object Detection, gesture recognition,..., context generation - Generative AI - Low latency[...]


Project Manager, Research Collaboration at F-Secure Corporation

Name: Tuuli Lindroos
Company Name: F-Secure Corporation

Expertise offered:
F-Secure is a Finnish and globally operating cybersecurity company. F-Secure designs and offers award-winning security and privacy products and services that help tens of millions of consumers to protect themselves against online threats. F-Secure’s offering includes a comprehensive range of cyber security products and services related to endpoint security, privacy protection, password management and digital identity protection, and router security that protects consumers' entire connected home and has 17 million subscribers across all channels. The majority of F-Secure revenue come from selling products and services through its extensive and global Channel Partner network, including approximately 200 Channel Partners. Channel Partners[...]

Expertise key words:A13 Network Security / PrivacyB11 Smart home related services and applicationsB21 Societal ImprovementB7 Security, Privacy related servicesB8 IoT related servicesC4 Security/ safety, trust and identityC8 Artificial IntelligenceE2 Digital / Smart HomeK1 IoTK2 Artificial Intelligence
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