Mobile Private Network design O-RAN and Wi-Fi

Name: Mike Dimelow
Company Name: Zeetta Networks Ltd

Expertise offered:
Network engineering expertise to design, dimension, evaluate and select vendors, blueprint design, deploy and commission equipment for both Wi-Fi and 4G/5G cellular technologies.


Cires21 Video Streaming solutions. Empowering Mission-Critical Video Environments

Name: Juan Casal
Company Name: Cires21

Expertise offered:
Cires21 is currently making a big investment to increase its R&D capacity, complementing the R&D development team with new AI engineers. With extensinve experience in own R&D projects, we have recently made a big effort to empower our R&D team to fasten the development and adoption of new features that the video world is now demanding. Among our R&D interests we can cite: - Everything related to live OTT video streaming services. - FAST channels - Realtime/non-realtime Audio transcription, synchonization and translation through AI - Realtime/non-realtime Computer Vision: Object Detection, gesture recognition,..., context generation - Generative AI - Low latency[...]


Project Manager, Research Collaboration at F-Secure Corporation

Name: Tuuli Lindroos
Company Name: F-Secure Corporation

Expertise offered:
F-Secure is a Finnish and globally operating cybersecurity company. F-Secure designs and offers award-winning security and privacy products and services that help tens of millions of consumers to protect themselves against online threats. F-Secure’s offering includes a comprehensive range of cyber security products and services related to endpoint security, privacy protection, password management and digital identity protection, and router security that protects consumers' entire connected home and has 17 million subscribers across all channels. The majority of F-Secure revenue come from selling products and services through its extensive and global Channel Partner network, including approximately 200 Channel Partners. Channel Partners[...]

Expertise key words:A13 Network Security / PrivacyB11 Smart home related services and applicationsB21 Societal ImprovementB7 Security, Privacy related servicesB8 IoT related servicesC4 Security/ safety, trust and identityC8 Artificial IntelligenceE2 Digital / Smart HomeK1 IoTK2 Artificial Intelligence

He has focused on research & development for smart mobility, smart city, and software technologies as a principal researcher since 1998. He has been involved in building consortium for EUREKA projects between Korea and European countries since 2014.

Name: Oh-Cheon KWON
Company Name: ETRI(Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)

Expertise offered:
He had been dispatched to KIC(Korea Innovation Center)-Europe in Brussels from 2014 to 2018 to build joint research projects and to promote technology commercialization between Korea and European countries. His research interests include smart mobility, smart city/transport, IoT, AI/Deep Learning, ITS/telematics, u-Health, and component-based development (CBD).


Actionable Insights for Communication Industry with Data Driven Solutions

Name: Moisés Bismarck Medina De León
Company Name: MoiLeon

Expertise offered:
MoiLeon As a market research service provider in the Information and communications technology (ICT) sector, we offer comprehensive analysis and insights on market trends, consumer analysis, and competitive landscape to help organizations make informed business decisions.

Expertise key words:A1 Networks Elements and InfrastructuresB2 Data ServicesB8 IoT related services

Comdata Turkey as an R&D center, we develop with Python, .Net 6 and Core and Java programming languages. We use technologies such as .net 6, blazor, MVC, C# PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MongoDB, Mysql on scalable systems such as docker and kubernetes.

Name: Furkan Taha Nurdağ

Expertise offered:
Comdata Turkey provides products and services to its customers using the most up-to-date technologies. Comdata, which started its R&D studies as of January 2020, completed 8 different projects, conveyed these products in 6 conferences, and published 2 articles. The R&D center, which has more than 50 employees, continues to develop innovative products with 2 different universities. In this context, an innovative product can be produced together with the stakeholder and R&D center employees. Since we have a wide range of customers, our sales side is quite strong. Besides that, we have experience with finance, automotive, insurance, logistics, and more sectors.[...]

Expertise key words:B1 Voice ServicesB12 Smart enterprise / transport related services and applicationsB16 eLearning / digital school related services and applicationsB20 Business related services and applications (incl. ePayment)B6 Cloud ServicesC8 Artificial IntelligenceD3 Cloud-related


Name: Flavio
Company Name: AgriClima

Expertise offered:
AgriClima is a Swedish SME in the field of blockchain technology, e-learning, climate change, IoT, and smart solutions with an interdisciplinary team of experts of diverse backgrounds. It is open to joining any blockchain and smart projects. AgriClima and its team can support the preparation and submission of proposals. Do not hesitate to contact Flavio at

Expertise key words:B16 eLearning / digital school related services and applicationsB8 IoT related servicesE10 Environmental issuesE4 Personal Mobility / Transport / Logistics / FoodK4 Blockchain

Innovation leader and consortium builder

Name: Mårten Holmberg
Company Name: Monte Iugis AB

Expertise offered:
25 years of experience in telecoms and IT, driving innovation and co-creation projects both in multinational corporations and a regional context Strong track record of creating and driving project consortia

Expertise key words:E13 Business related Issues

Software model and process verification and optimisation

Name: Emmanuel Gaudin
Company Name: PragmaDev

Expertise offered:
We have expertise in modeling software and business processes. We have expertise in improving our existing toolsets: 1) PragmaDev Process is a simple and powerful tool that aims at helping business process modelers to verify and optimise their models. It integrates a BPMN editor, an executor, an explorer, and a simulator. 2) PragmaDev Studio is a tool to specify and design communicating systems. It integrates four different tools based on international standard technologies.

Expertise key words:A14 Network Safety / RobustnessA15 Other network infrastructure aspectsA2 Mobile / WirelessA3 Broadband, fixed networksA8 Network architectures and connectivity

Offering Expertise in Software Development and ML/AI

Name: Ugur Eser
Company Name: Dogus Bilgi Islem ve Teknoloji Hizmetleri

Expertise offered:
Dogus Technology has developed many R&D projects for different sectors with its expertise in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Blockchain, SW Platform Development and Web/Mobile Applications. Dogus Technology can contribute to project ideas by following: - Developing software platforms that can collect data from various sources and serve data for building AI models - Developing web/mobile applications for citizen engagement - Performing data obfuscation tasks - Developing machine learning algorithms for digital twins - XR-AR 3-D modelling - Providing support for various tasks relying on the company’s experience on metaverse and Web 3.0 - Developing machine learning/deep learning[...]

Expertise key words:C8 Artificial IntelligenceK2 Artificial IntelligenceK4 Blockchain
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