Strong background in developing cross-industry, big data AI and event driven solution that we have been applying to the water urban cycle and energy.

Name: Vitor Prisca
Company Name: Wakaru

Expertise offered:
Our expertise is in the design and implementation of open-source AI based real time big data analytical interoperable architectures. We've been applying this knowledge since 2012 to smart grids in energy and water distribution networks but it can be applied to other industry sectors. We have deep knowledge about utilities customer facing and network management processes, IoT sensors and systems integration, including SCADA. The Portuguese National Innovation Agency recognized Wakaru's suitability for Innovation R&D.

Expertise key words:A7 Energy efficiency (of networks)C8 Artificial IntelligenceE1 Smart Cities (incl. smart grids, water management, etc.)E10 Environmental issuesE9 Smart Energy (incl. energy efficiency)H1 Demand Side ManagementH2 Demand forecastH3 Energy as a serviceK2 Artificial Intelligence

Cyber-Security expert in Smart Grid Systems, IoT Network and LoRaWAN

Name: Ismail Butun (Ph.D.)
Company Name: Chalmers University of Technology

Expertise offered:
Dr. Butun received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Hacettepe University, his second M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Florida. He worked as an Assistant Professor in years between 2015 and 2016. Since 2017, he has been working as a post-doctoral fellow for various universities (University of Delaware, Mid Sweden University, Chalmers University of Technology). He has more than 42 publications in peer-reviewed scientific international journals and conference proceedings, along with an H-index of 15. He is a well-recognized academic reviewer by IEEE, ACM, and Springer. He is an[...]

Expertise key words:A13 Network Security / PrivacyA7 Energy efficiency (of networks)B7 Security, Privacy related servicesG1 Smart gridG2 Micro gridK1 IoT

Development and integration of new technologies into mobile applications.

Name: Angel Rodriguez
Company Name: Sublime Studio (Sublime Software GmbH)

Expertise offered:
Sublime Software GmbH is a software engineering studio focused on the development of qualitative mobile applications and the cloud services supporting them. Sublime Sublime Software aims to quickly integrate the latests improvements of innovative technologies like Internet Of Things, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence into mobile applications. Sublime Software is interested in joining a consortium to apply to future European project's calls.

Expertise key words:B14 eHealth related services and applicationsB5 Mobile ServicesB6 Cloud ServicesB8 IoT related servicesC7 Future Displays / Enhanced realityC8 Artificial IntelligenceD4 Internet of Things, including Sensors and WearablesK1 IoTK2 Artificial Intelligence

5G and Beyond PHYSICAL and MAC Layers including DU and RU in SUB 6GHz and mmWaves

Name: Israel Koffman
Company Name: RunEL

Expertise offered:
RunEL offers 5G Base Station expertise especially in Layer 1 (PHY) and Layer 2 MAC. RunEL can deliver RU and DU with ORAN Interface at sub 6GHz and millimeter waves


Cryptography, Cyber Security, Privacy, Blockchains, Cloud Security

Name: Assoc. Prof. Alptekin Küpçü
Company Name: Koç University

Expertise offered:
Cryptography, Security, and Privacy research group at Koç University, İstanbul, Turkey was founded by Assoc. Prof. Alptekin Küpçü in Fall 2010. Our mission is to advance the state-of-the-art techniques, to educate the public, governments, and companies about both the techniques used and the outcomes of using them, and to make sure people demand more security and privacy since they would be aware that more is possible. The main areas of interest cover Cryptography, Security, Privacy with applications to: Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage, Outsourced Databases, Searchable Encryption Blockchains, Cryptocurrency, PKI (public key infrastructure) Online Social Networks, Privacy-Preserving Personalization and Advertising Cryptography[...]

Expertise key words:A13 Network Security / PrivacyB6 Cloud ServicesB7 Security, Privacy related servicesD3 Cloud-relatedK4 Blockchain

Holographic 3D Light Field Display Technologies and Applications

Name: Wendy Lamin
Company Name: Holoxica Limited

Expertise offered:
Holoxica is a research-intensive SME who develop disruptive holographic 3D solutions for professional applications. The technology developed by Holoxica is naturally viewable, with dynamic, full colour 3D images appearing in mid-air, just like "Star Wars". The Holoxica next-generation display technology is a step improvement over current AR/VR systems that use wearable goggles or glasses. Light field 3D displays do not require any eye-wear, and multiple people can view the 3D image simultaneously and interact with it. People have started to avoid using AR/VR headsets for fear of Covid infection, so they are now turning to alternative technologies like Light Field[...]

Expertise key words:B14 eHealth related services and applicationsB16 eLearning / digital school related services and applicationsB17 Entertainment services and applicationsB18 Gaming services and applicationsB19 Location related services (incl. navigation)B22 Disaster recovery, safetyB23 Future end-to-end servicesB3 Multimedia and content ServicesB4 Audio/ Video Services (incl. image processing)B9 TeleworkingC2 Future interfacesC7 Future Displays / Enhanced realityD2 Future Internet Use-case scenarios / Test environmentE5 Smart Learning / Digital SchoolE7 eHealthK2 Artificial Intelligence

Fasttrack Action helps entrepreneurs & startups launch and grow their business

Name: Diogo Pinto
Company Name: Fasttrack Action

Expertise offered:
Fasttrack Action (FTA) is a subsidiary company of Fasttrack Ventures, an early-stage investment fund that invest in early-stage deeptech companies. FTA is dedicated to providing support to startups launching and growing their business, including: 1) finding the most appropriate funding scheme (private, public (EU & National funding) or a combination); 2) developing strategic business plans and innovation strategies; 3) mentoring, coaching, networking events and portfolio management. FTA has 3 ongoing projects in different thematic areas, including media (Media Motor EU), digital transition (SMART4ALL) and circular economy (DigiCirc). Our participation in such projects typically relies on tasks related to startup support[...]

Expertise key words:B20 Business related services and applications (incl. ePayment)C6 Business and societal issuesE13 Business related Issues

Spanish company specialised in specch technologies is looking for partners

Name: Rafael Delgado

Expertise offered:
The company is specialised in the development of speech technologies, especially voice biometrics for human identification. This technology has many applications in security, e-commerce, interaction with voice personal assistants and many more. They also have speech recognition and audio watermarking solutions, and have started with the development of voice-based emotion detection technology. These solutions could fit into many different projects within this CELTIC call, although they are open to other opportunities from Eureka Cluster.


Design, implementation, and performance evaluation of networked systems and applications

Name: Ahmed Zahran
Company Name: University College Cork, Ireland

Expertise offered:
My research interests lie in the broad areas of general distributed systems and wireless Internet technologies, including next-generation wireless networks and systems, smart cities, and multimedia communications. In these areas, my research focuses on developing new algorithms, protocols, and solutions to ensure the best user experience by tackling fundamental problems, such as mobility and resource management. We use various methods including modeling and optimization, simulation, and real system implementation. Our lab has extensive experience with Video Streaming and Content Delivery Optimisation, Quality of Service/Experience in Wireless Networks, Next-generation Telecoms Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks.

Expertise key words:A12 Network evolutionA2 Mobile / WirelessA9 Network infrastructure and platformsB3 Multimedia and content ServicesC8 Artificial Intelligence

Plain Concepts: customized and innovative solutions for all types of digital applications with AI, IoT, Data Platforms, VR/AR and more.

Name: Diego Calvo Barreno
Company Name: Plain Concepts

Expertise offered:
These are some of our own products as samples of what we can achieve: · Secure Business Cloud » Sidra Data Platform It's our corporate Data Lake solution developed by Plain Concepts for data intake, cataloguing, governance and management in Azure, focused on simplifying the development of a wide variety of business use cases, ranging from analytical applications to AI and Machine Learning scenarios. All of these functionalities, as well as a comprehensive set of extensibility APIs, can help you address the data protection regulation challenges under the GDPR, as well as any industry-specific regulations. · IoT and AI »[...]

Expertise key words:B6 Cloud ServicesB8 IoT related servicesC7 Future Displays / Enhanced realityC8 Artificial IntelligenceE3 Digital Enterprise including Industry 4.0E7 eHealthE9 Smart Energy (incl. energy efficiency)K2 Artificial Intelligence
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