EUREKA/CELTIC 5G Workshop in London on 10th of December

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A new competition to stimulate and support UK organisations.

Celtic-Next is the latest programme of the EUREKA Cluster which focuses on ICT and telecommunication. EUREKA is an intergovernmental network which promotes R&D and innovation.

Innovate UK will be investing in the CELTIC-NEXT programme in the form of collaborative R&D grants through a yet-to-be-announced competition. The objective of this workshop is to help finalise the scope of this competition whose aim is to stimulate and support UK organisations.

During the workshop, we will present the CELTIC programme and its call process, and introduce the associated Innovate UK competition and its expected format. We will also discuss the scope of the competition, which is anticipated to focus on 5G infrastructure technology and 5G-enabled applications and services, encompassing topics such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and satellite communication.

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