12. Budget and effort


12.1 Which costs can be included in the project budget?
In the project budget all costs can be included that are also eligible for public funding. In the budget costs for the work force, travels, costs of equipment, and other costs can be included, provided these are not explicitly excluded by the public authorities. Please note that in most cases the Celtic fee cannot be included in the project budget (see also 13.9).

12.2 What is the ratio between person year (PY) and person month (PM)?
Celtic is working on the assumption that 1 PY equals to 12 PM. In case that a partner is using a different ratio (e.g. 1PY=10PM) the effort tables should be normalised to the Celtic ratio (for example: 1 (company) PM = 1.2 (Celtic) PM or 1 (Celtic) PM = 0.83 (company) PM). This avoids discrepancies and inconsistencies in the project plan and budget tables.

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