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Innovation 2016 – The Week of Research, Development and Innovation in the CR, 6-9 December 2016, Prague

On 6-9 December 2016 a symposium on innovation and entrepreneurship took place in the Czech capital Prague. The event focused on conceptual issues of innovation processes, innovative entrepreneurship, and the system of innovative entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic . It took place in the premises of the Association of Innovative Entrepreneurship in the heart Prague near the famous Carl Bridge. It was opened by Karel Sperlink, EUREKA HLR of the Czech Republic, followed by a presentation of EUREKA by Svatopluk Halada from the Association of Innovative Entrepreneurship.

Oh Cheon Kwon from KIC, the Korea Research & Innovation Center) presented the South-Korean Cooperation Platform and its cooperation partners. He also presented a Start-up Autobahn, a forum where start-ups can pitch in front of European investors to raise funds for their project.

In the following EUREKA Cluster Session, Peter Herrmann from the Celtic Office presented the Celtic-Plus Cluster in telecommunications and ICT. Mr Karel Slavicek from Masaryk University Brno presented the Celtic-Plus project Wins@HI on smart sensors in textiles for applications for firefighters and in mining environments. The EURIPIDES Cluster on smart electronic systems was presented by Mr Marec Vladmann from BIC Ostrava.

Katharina Lehmeier from the EUREKA Cost Office gave an overview on the many funding possibilities in Germany starting from federal funds, continuing with regional funds and finally on special funding frameworks for SMEs. Hereafter, Josef Martinec, EUREKA NPC of Czech Republic gave details on the dedicated funding for EUREKA projects, where big Czech Industry can receive grants of up to 30% and all other Czech partners up to 50% of the total project budget.

A highlight were the two SME presentations: Martin Gregor from MSR Engineers presented a Jetsurf, a motorised carbon surfboard reaching a speed of 50 km/h, that is on the market today and Ales Latr from Symbion presented a new fertiliser using ingeniously existing symbiotic pairs of plants and fungus to favour grows using the natural process of symbiosis from the nature.

At the end Eva Krovakova from the Industrial Property Office gave an interesting presentation about IPR and referred to the European IPR helpdesk in case that a small organisation has difficulties to obtain its rights.

All in all this was a well-focused day on all relevant aspects around EUREKA, and Celtic-Plus would like to thank Mr Halada for this interesting day.

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