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Last week in the castle Birlinghoven (Bonn) the final review of the Celtic CIER project took place.

The Celtic-Plus project CIER has developed a self-configuration technology that allows installing microwave directional antennas without the need for highly skilled technical people. Test deployments and commercial deployments have already been realized in Tanzania, northern Italy and St Augustin near Bonn. In Tanzania the 90 km network connects 3 schools and one hospital. The photograph shows the first video conference between two schools.

In the afternoon 40 participants from municipalities and the private sector came to a workshop to learn how this technology could play an important role in bringing broadband coverage to rural regions. This technology has the potential to make the still persisting white spots in the broadband coverage in Germany and in Europe disappear. The technology was presented and a company showed how it installed within a few days a complete network for an industrial park in Nordhorn.



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