AI for Health

AI for Health

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AI for Health
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KHAS-AI4H is a multidisciplinary research group with members from engineering (Electrical, Computer, Industrial), bioinformatics and data science fields. We are focused on the application of computational intelligence algorithms for the development of smart solutions for the wellbeing of people. The group develops state of the art solutions using machine learning (statistical methods, neural networks, deep learning), Big Data processing, embedded IoT systems, and optimization for various problem domains such as indoor/outdoor localization, anomaly detection, emergency response and disaster relief management. Those activities are complemented by hardware (microcontrollers, wearable gadgets) and software (web and mobile) development. We believe that collaborations with our group can contribute substantially to the understanding of risks and to the development of novel methods for effective prediction and prevention of those risks, in health and care systems with special emphasis on the problems of the aging society.
The projects carried out by KHAS-AI4H members are funded by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and by various industrial partners. Recent projects include “Self Learning from GSM Data,” “Behavior Mapping with High Accuracy Indoor Positioning using UWB Sensors,” “Determination of Efficient Vaccination Strategies for Influenza Type Epidemics,” “Anomaly Detection in Walking Trajectory,” “Digital Trace Data Driven Anomalous Link Detection.”

Expertise key words
  • B14 eHealth related services and applications
  • B22 Disaster recovery, safety
  • C8 Artificial Intelligence


Name: Arif Selcuk Ogrenci
Company: Kadir Has University
Type of Organisation: University
Country: Turkey
Telephone: +905422834864

Brief description of my Organisation

Private university, Istanbul, Turkey
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (Departments: Electrical, Computer, Industrial, Bioinformatics and Genetics)
Selected focus areas: Computational intelligence, drug design, telecommunications, energy
10+ EU funded projects within the last 5 years

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