Cires21 Video Streaming solutions. Empowering Mission-Critical Video Environments

Cires21 Video Streaming solutions. Empowering Mission-Critical Video Environments

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Cires21 Video Streaming solutions. Empowering Mission-Critical Video Environments
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Cires21 is currently making a big investment to increase its R&D capacity, complementing the R&D development team with new AI engineers. With extensinve experience in own R&D projects, we have recently made a big effort to empower our R&D team to fasten the development and adoption of new features that the video world is now demanding.

Among our R&D interests we can cite:
- Everything related to live OTT video streaming services.
- FAST channels
- Realtime/non-realtime Audio transcription, synchonization and translation through AI
- Realtime/non-realtime Computer Vision: Object Detection, gesture recognition,..., context generation
- Generative AI
- Low latency video broadcast video delivery through Webrtc (WHIP, WHEP)
- WebRTC - DASH convergence for future broadcasting
- Augmented video through AI
- Video interaction through low latency protocols
- Automatic production through AI

Beyond the technologies cited before, we can contribute to any video delivery needs for any type of use cases. We have capabilities in all the live video development chain.

In Cires21 we are searching for R&D projects and partners all around Europe, to share State of the Art projects, developments and Challenges, aligned with our product and R&D lines. Our development team covers all the developement chain from protopype to product including

- Application development
- Algorithm development
- AI training
- Cloud and On-Premise Deployment

We offer R&D capacity in all the tasks cited, and may contribute in many different use cases such as:
- Massive network traffic
- Low delay and ultra low delay video delivery
- AI audio/video based automation
- Video and audio tagging through AI
- Audio and video transcription, context and sumaries.
- text to speech
- .... and many others.

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Name: Juan Casal
Company: Cires21
Type of Organisation: SME
Country: Spain
Telephone: +34649847206

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Cires21 is and SME based in Madrid, Spain. With over 15 years of experience in video streaming technology, its client portfolio includes the leading telco operators and broadcasters in Spain, sports companies, small broadcasters and other verticals that make use of video systems, as well as some companies from other countries. Companies as Telefonica, RTVE, Atresmedia, Mediaset, Real Madrid, Dorna Sports, Cellnex, BBC, EITV, and the Spanish Congress, are part of our customer portfolio.

Cires21 provides media operators the capacity to implement and sharpen their multimedia delivery services, providing them the flexibility, quality and performance, and customizing their video streaming experience in any device.

Our expertise in video and our "easy to use" philosofy has led us to develop one of the most versatile OTT Video Streaming Suite existing, composed by control, encoder, recorder, editor and origin, and always in constant evolution.

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