Mobile Private Network design O-RAN and Wi-Fi

Mobile Private Network design O-RAN and Wi-Fi

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Mobile Private Network design O-RAN and Wi-Fi
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Network engineering expertise to design, dimension, evaluate and select vendors, blueprint design, deploy and commission equipment for both Wi-Fi and 4G/5G cellular technologies.

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Name: Mike Dimelow
Company: Zeetta Networks Ltd
Type of Organisation: Industry
Country: United Kingdom

Brief description of my Organisation

Zeetta Network aspires to simplify connectivity, mirroring the ease of accessing compute resources through cloud service providers. With our solution, you can separate a single physical private network into multiple virtual private networks, each set to fulfil the performance and service demands of their respective, consuming, applications.

Through our unified user interface, we empower you to configure and oversee your virtual private networks for cellular, Wi-Fi, and fixed devices. Subsequently, we measure Quality of Assurance and Quality of Experience metrics to verify that each application receives the planned service.
In cases where the connectivity does not serve the applications as anticipated, our network adaptation and troubleshooting functionalities step in to assist in resolving any issues.

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