High-quality meteorological forecasts and derived services

High-quality meteorological forecasts and derived services

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High-quality meteorological forecasts and derived services
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UBIMET is an SME with HQ in Vienna (AUT), with a strong track record of participation in both national and international research and development projects. As a top provider of weather data services in Europe, UBIMET offers highly accurate and globally available solutions that cater to the needs of its customers. Our core competencies lie in the interpretation, processing, and analysis of meteorological data, which are provided through a range of tailored solutions and services that meet our customers' demands.

UBIMET's strength in this field is supported by our in-house R&D department, which has a rich history of 15 years of experience developing and operating numerical, statistical, and AI-based weather models. Our expertise encompasses a range of areas, from the provision of supremely accurate weather forecasts that are tailored to the specific needs of our customers, to the assessment of risk and impact of extreme weather and climate events, developing weather analytics tools, as well as site-specific and regional wind, solar, and hydropower power forecasts. UBIMET offers unique business insight and a worldwide reanalysis that assimilates historical observational data – satellite- & radar images, weather stations, and our best-in-class lightning detection system – and covers an extended period to provide a powerful tool for meteorological and climatological studies. Our customers span various industries, including insurance and energy, official authorities, and the transportation sector, all of whom rely on our statements regarding weather conditions worldwide. With our expertise, UBIMET is well-positioned to provide our customers with comprehensive and reliable weather data services.

Expertise key words
  • A9 Network infrastructure and platforms
  • B10 Smart City related services and applications
  • B11 Smart home related services and applications
  • B2 Data Services
  • B22 Disaster recovery, safety
  • C8 Artificial Intelligence
  • E1 Smart Cities (incl. smart grids, water management, etc.)
  • E9 Smart Energy (incl. energy efficiency)
  • F1 Wind
  • F2 Solar


Name: Markus Jech
Company: UBIMET GmbH
Type of Organisation: SME
Country: Austria
Web: https://www.ubimet.com/en/
Telephone: +4366488257304

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