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Advanced Service Architecture and Service Delivery Environment

Project Coordinator Project Consortium
Jean Pierre Le Rouzic
France Telecom
e-mail: jeanpierre.lerouzic<at>
France Telecom/Orange Labs, Fr Nokia Siemens Networks Kft, HU
Alcatel-Lucent France, FR NTT, Japan
Bull, FR Software Quality Systems, ES
CARSA, ES Telefonica I+D, ES
CBT, Communication & Multimedia S.L., ES Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, ES
Innovalia Association, ES Turkcell, TR
Telecom Managemtn Sud Paris, FR
Mantica, ES

This is a “Celtic” project;

Project Key Information

Start date

End date Budget (total) Effort (total) Project-ID
November 2008 October 2011 11697 k€ 116.5 PY CP5-023

SERVERY’s goal is to enable a Service Market Place that bridges the Internet and Telco worlds by merging the flexibility and openness of the former with the trustworthiness and reliability of the latter!To achieve this, SERVERY aims to enable both end-users and professionals, with the ability for instant service creation and context-aware delivery of converged NGN-IMS / Web / Media services. These services are adaptable to the environment they are deployed in, depending on the execution platform and taking into account the end-user surroundings, context and communication constraints. To this end, a semantically-enhanced Service-Oriented Architecture and Infrastructure will be developed, supporting trusted, dynamic and intelligent service deployment and discovery, composition and brokering.

The SERVERY infrastructure will:

  • Pave the way towards a flexible multi-service middleware infrastructure, bridging and extending IMS, Web and Media technologies
  • Ensure a strong coupling of Business Models with the service creation and deployment process, and implementation of fair revenue sharing among the stakeholders of the Marketplace
  • Offer end-to-end management solutions for service life-cycle, covering context aware service creation, operation, administration, maintenance and provisioning areas
  • Provide platform enablers to manage dynamic, context aware and federated personal environments, based on multi-dimensional identity and attribute management, secure and intelligent data retrieval and federated knowledge layers.

SERVERY will also research business models and roles associated with its service Marketplace concept, and promote coordinated efforts in international standardisation bodies aiming for an open, standardised service layer based on existing standards (such as IMS).

To achieve its ambitious goals the SERVERY consortium integrates the competence and knowledge of leading European telecom operators and key IT and telecommunications suppliers.

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