ETED_Event Trigged Data Transission for future IoT

ETED_Event Trigged Data Transission for future IoT

Title of my Project Idea
ETED_Event Trigged Data Transission for future IoT
Objective of my Project Idea

Intelligent data screening and filtering by edge computing (event-trigged).
Energy harvesting for battery extension and replacement.
Smart data storage and transmission.

Types of partners being sought
SME, Research Institute...
Proposal key words
Presentation File


File name: celtic-proposal-pitch-tegnology.pptx

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Name: Hao Yin
Company: TEGnology ApS
Type of Organisation: Industry
Country: Denmark
Telephone: +4541824703

Brief description of my Organisation

TEGnology – Rethink power supply for future Internet of Things.
TEGnology addresses the challenges in power supply for IoT devices in places difficult to reach. By harvesting heat from environment and converting it into electricity, more power is provided for the entire life cycle than batteries and more functionalities can be enabled. Combining state-of-the-art energy materials and advanced power management, TEGnology boosts the digital transition in industry and opens opportunity for wearable and medical devices.

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