Future generation system architecture as an enabler for digital society and vertical services

Future generation system architecture as an enabler for digital society and vertical services

Title of my Project Idea
Future generation system architecture as an enabler for digital society and vertical services
Objective of my Project Idea

Following the 5G trend, 6G use cases will continue to impose new functional requirements, introduce novel deployment models, promote various network sizes, different governance and ownership models and usage intensity. In 6G, the whole network can be perceived as a distributed computer with embedded automation able to offer secure, trusted, and tailored communication services. This vision is very much in line with digital transformation view promoted by the CELTIC-NEXT. This implies various changes to the current network system architecture as the complexity of the whole system is increasing with the decentralization and distribution of the network and computing functionalities. Therefore, higher degrees of intelligence and automated management of the next generation networks as well as new capabilities and APIs are needed compared to what has been achieved in 5G. Moreover, there is a continued demand for addressing the emerging needs from vertical sectors. Evidently, this calls for a novel system architecture supporting, e.g., built-in AI/ML and analytics capabilities, the integration of terrestrial and NTN networking, core network support for harmonized communication and sensing, enhanced time-engineered networking, in-network computing and deep-edge-cloud continuum. The ultimate goal would be to propose a future system architecture able to offer enhancements compared to the previous generation from the perspective of functionality, reduced complexity, manageability, energy awareness as well as easy of use for customized use case deployments.

Types of partners being sought
SME, universities and research institutes, OTs, ICTs
Proposal key words
  • A12 Network evolution
  • B23 Future end-to-end services
  • E3 Digital Enterprise including Industry 4.0
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Name: Andrey Krendzel
Company: Huawei Technologies Sweden AB
Type of Organisation: Industry
Country: Sweden
Telephone: 0046739201415

Brief description of my Organisation

Huawei Technologies Sweden AB (Huawei SW, www.huawei.com) is a research and development center of the parent organization Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. in China.
Huawei Technologies Sweden AB has been in Sweden for two decades. Under these years, we have helped build up and strengthen Sweden’s digital infrastructure, collaborated with local universities, and provided local businesses and organizations with cutting-edge digital solutions.
With more than 600 employees and consultants, Huawei Sweden has become an integral part of the Swedish tech ecosystem. Three Research and Development centers are spread throughout Sweden in Stockholm, Lund, and Gothenburg, together boosting 300 ICT experts and world-leading researchers. The company will deliver key projects and seek growth opportunities in fixed and mobile networks - introducing networks beyond 5G/towards 6G and cloud solutions.
Huawei is one of the leading actors and in the field of smart connectivity and aims at providing innovative solutions to create long-term value and growth potential for its customers in the European telecom market and consequently assisting the parent company to retain a leading global provider of ICT infrastructure and smart devices.
Huawei also drives standardization activity through participation in many standardization organizations and international forums, e.g. 3GPP, ETSI MEC, 5GAA (5G Automotive Association), and 5G-ACIA (Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation).

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