Successful completion of the Intelligent Edge of Things (IEoT) European CELTIC-NEXT project!

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The Intelligent Edge of Things (IEoT) project is a CELTIC-NEXT project launched in March 2020 and successfully completed in Lisbon the Tuesday 5th of December 2023.

This project focuses on developing an intelligent three-tier Edge IoT architecture for enabling novel services around business areas such as smart transportation, Industry 4.0 and entertainment, to demonstrate the benefits of a 3-tier IoT (Internet of Things) network architecture (cloud, fog, and mist) integrated with AI-based applications across all 3-tiers.

This project brought together seven partners from Austria, Turkey, and Portugal:

  • PDMF&C, Portugal
  • Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal
  • Beyond Vision, Portugal (project leader)
  • Technical University of Vienna, Austria
  • AVL List GmbH, Austria
  • GOHM Electronics, Turkey
  • Vestel Electronics, Turkey


About The Project

The evolution from local to virtual data storage, computation, network management, applications, and workspaces has changed the way we use our digital services, which has brought some clear benefits over traditional systems, such as easy management, universal availability, and decreased hardware requirements for devices. We are witnessing a change from separate person-to-person, person-to-machine, and machine-to-machine (IEoT) computing towards the Internet of Everything (IoE) computing.

The foreseen next step in the evolution of wireless communication technologies is the evolution towards 6th generation networks. This transition will boost network sharing in cities and indoor spaces. Furthermore, this will drive the local computing paradigm. In today’s cloud systems, all data processing and decision-making logic is handled at data centers. Certainly, this is not optimal from the viewpoints of performance, efficiency, reliability, security, or privacy.

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