18 June 2019: Valencia Port Emergency Live Demonstration

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Three different mobility mode of transportation – maritime,  – aerial  and terrestrial –
were used to solve the emergency situation of several injured persons after an explosion in the port of Valencia. CELTIC project UNICRINF lead by NOKIA, Spain – showcased an Emergency Live Demonstration at the Port of Valencia on 18th of June 2019, in Valencia Spain. The UNICRINF solution for Universal Critical Infrastructures provides in catastrophic environments a global platform to identify and deploy infrastructure, protocols, interfaces, able to recover in an automatic way the telecommunications infrastructure at all layers, core, mobile network, access and fiber-backbone. In this sense, the project uses the communications infrastructures to create a global integrated platform to detect catastrophes, communicate with emergency teams and locate and advices citizens in small, medium and large areas and automatize-digitalize the injured victims’ triage.

UNICRINF partners involved in live demo: HISPASAT & Nokia Spain.

Live demo collaborators: Telefonica, Policía Nacional, Fundación Puerto de Valencia, UTEK, DJI Madrid.

Demo Location: Port of Valencia https://goo.gl/maps/J2myTc5EHocvmK847
Time: 19:30-20:30

CELTIC Programme Coordinator:
Mrs Christiane Reinsch Email: reinsch(at)celticnext.eu

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