EUREKA Success Story: Celtic-Plus project HuSIMS

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HuSIMS-Logo-v3EUREKA published a success story about the Celtic-Plus project HuSIMS (Human Situation Monitoring System). HuSIMS designed an intelligent video surveillance system detecting crime and accidents and, if necessary, raising alarms.

The key difference between HuSIMS and existing systems is that it combines low resolution images, low cost and easy to deploy sensors in a video surveillance solution with intelligent analysis and alerting capability. The sensors process the video locally and send descriptions of moving objects to a central analysis service. When the system detects unusual events, the system triggers the appropriate emergency actions without compromising personal privacy.

The project has a huge market potential. For example it inspired Alvarion to acquire a video analytics company and reach business agreements with a camera vendor. “This will enable us to develop our own system based on HuSIMS’ concept,” explains the project coordinator Jesus Alonso, R&D programme manager of the leading partner Alvarion. “We’re exploring some market possibilities with potential customers, e.g. in the public transport sector. The technology might be used on buses and trains,” he said.

Read the full success story on the EUREKA Web.

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