10. Deliverables


10.1 Who approves deliverables?
Normal deliverables, generally, are not approved by Celtic. However, it is requested that a finalisation of a deliverable is reported by the corresponding quarterly report. In case of a mid-term review the published deliverables will, however, be taken into account for the review.

10.2 How shall deliverables be disseminated?
Deliverables that have been declared for general publication should be accessible from the Celtic project web pages. Generally, Public Authorities request also a special publication on national basis. Another way to publish results is by dissemination through public conference (including Celtic events) and work shops.

10.3 Are there confidential and public deliverables?
Projects can produce both confidential (i.e. only accessible to project participants) and public deliverables. Main deliverables, except for special cases, should be publicly accessible.

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