9. Project Change Request (PCR)


9.1 What to do in case of significant changes in the project (e.g. partners are leaving)?
Significant changes (e.g. strong modifications in effort/ budget, number of partners, objectives) require approval of the Celtic Core Group, if necessary, in consent with the concerned Public Authorities. The PAs are always informed about any changes in a project.

9.2 How to submit a PCR online?
A PCR can only be submitted by using the PCR online tool provided from the Celtic Web. Each project will get its own, personal link to the current project data, which is available at the Office. This data form can be updated by entering any new information or new figures. The direct links to each project form will be sent by the Office.

9.3 What do I have to observe when changing project data in a PCR?
You can always adjust project data (budget and effort figures, as well as dates) to the new planning. However you have to bear in mind that any changes of past values, which already had been taken into account at past invoices cannot be changed any more.

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