6. Project set-up


6.1 What actions are required during project set-up?
During the project set-up phase the followings actions need to be completed:

  • Application of national funding by each partner (if possible approval should be indicated or confirmed
  • Discussion and preparation of a revised project description (PD)
  • Preparation of a PCA draft
  • Signature of the CLD
  • Agreement on a kick-off date

6.2 What is needed for a project kick-off?

  • Before setting a kick-off date it should be assured that at least two project partners from two different countries have received a confirmation of funding.
  • The required set-up actions should be completed
  • CELTIC Office must be informed about the kick-off date
  • After the kick-off meeting minutes have to be issued to indicate the project start

6.3 When is a project considered as started?
A project can only be considered started if the EUREKA minimum project requirement is fulfilled, i.e. two partners from two different countries will start the work.

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