Interview with the team leader of the record breaking SASER field trial

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Logo-SASER-SiegfriedThe multi-terabit field trial took place over the existing operational Orange fibre infrastructure between Lyon and Marseille. Please read the interview with the team leader of this ground-breaking achievement, Erwan Pincemin from Orange.

Question: What did it mean to you and your team to receive support from Celtic-Plus and in turn from the national authorities of Germany, France and Finland (BMBF, DGE and TEKES)?
Answer: Without this support, innovation would be considerably slowed-down in Europe, and European industrial companies in the telecommunication sector could not compete any more with their US and Chinese competitors.

Question: What does this new world-record transmission in terms of capacity and reach means for average citizens?
Answer: This world-record transmission capacity concerns long-distance optical transport networks, where aggregation of all traffic (fixed and mobile) is performed. Without that, end-users could not use their 4G and soon 5G smartphones, could not download HD video on their internet box and having 1 Gbps at home would not become reality for our customers.

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Explanation on the technological building blocks
This record breaking field trial of 38.4 Tbps was obtained over the Orange legacy fibre infrastructure between Lyon and Marseille.
The 16QAM/32QAM/64QAM transceivers: (provided by Coriant) have been designed and built to reach ultra-high spectral efficiencies (up to 8 bit/s/Hz achieved with 64QAM) permitting to pack 38 Tbps in 35-nm bandwidth (C-band), while propagating over 762 km of legacy fibre infrastructure.


The figure shows an example of a 32QAM WDM channel before and after transmission over 762 km; (The transmission capacity of the link is proportional to the number of dots.)

The hybrid Raman/Erbium-doped optical amplifier: (provided by Ekinops and Keopsys) have been developed to be low-cost and energy-efficient.


The figure shows the hybrid Raman and Erbium-doped-fibre optical amplifier. Both allow amplifying the optical signal in the fibre without the need for electrical amplification of the signal.

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