Smart City Microgrid Management Platform

Smart City Microgrid Management Platform

Title of my Project Idea
Smart City Microgrid Management Platform
Objective of my Project Idea

Digital AI&IoT technology infrastructure upgrades and adaptations are accelerating in cities to address connected cities, buildings, storage battery technologies, renewable to grid integration, electric vehicles and all. Cities are looking for the most rational technological solution options to implement smart infrastructures and systems. Our project idea is for an AI and IoT based smart city energy management platform to be developed where the optimization will be studied both for the aspects of ICT and energy, addressing Celtic-Next and Eurogia. Optimum communication technologies, digitalized energy solutions, infrastructure, and user interactions will be studied, tested. The collaborative applicable innovative solutions will be an essential output. The project will be enhanced with the participating partners' industrial know-how and expertise.

Types of partners being sought
Technology providers, Algorithm developers, Energy and ICT companies and experts
Proposal key words
  • B10 Smart City related services and applications
  • B8 IoT related services
  • E9 Smart Energy (incl. energy efficiency)
Presentation File


File name: celtic-eurogia-proposal-pitch-reengen-15092020.pptx

File size: 5 MB


Name: Dilara Goker
Company: Reengen
Type of Organisation: SME
Country: Turkey

Brief description of my Organisation

Reengen is a technology company providing IoT based tools and services for the energy domain. Reengen is an SME established in 2013, with end-to-end digital energy management solutions for buildings and corporates. Reengen is providing services and solutions to optimize energy management and facilitate smart city and smart grid interaction, turning data into actionable intelligence. * Reengen has been a technology and solution provider for several international R&D smart city solutions as well, such as Game4Seen, SolarPact, CITyFiED, R2CITIES, ebalanceplus.

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