CELTIC-NEXT project AI4Green received the Eureka Innovation Award in the clusters category at the Global Innovations Summit 2024

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Congratulations to our CELTIC-NEXT project AI4Green to have received the Eureka Innovation Award in the clusters category at Global Innovations Summit 2024!

AI4Green project has successfully showed their practical solutions and demonstrators as an industry-driven project combining theoretical and simulation studies to the market-field!

With 17 partners from Finland, France, Portugal, Sweden and TΓΌrkiye, the project aimed to implement innovative solutions in terms of hardware and software through testbeds that allowed to show the effectiveness of the solutions and the input requirements for empowering such models!

The project also considered services based on heterogeneous data collection as the main purpose was to study new business services not only for enhancing connectivity but also to build business models based on AI such as energy as a service, connectivity marketplaces, and smart cities!

Congratulations again to all the partners for their rewarding efforts in advancing innovation!

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