CELTIC-NEXT is labelled for 8 years from January 2019 until December 2026.

Besides the formal application form and the support from industry and from the national authorities, two documents supported the application for CELTIC-NEXT’s EUREKA label:

– The “CELTIC-NEXT White Paper” describes the rationale behind launching a follow-up to CELTIC-NEXT.
– The “CELTIC-NEXT Scope & Research Areas” includes the initial technological and business orientations for CELTIC-NEXT.

The White Paper and the Scope & Research Areas document are available and can be downloaded as indicated below.


A pplications and services available to businesses and citizens have become increasingly accessible anywhere and anytime, thanks to broader mobility and to the deployment of cloud technology. At the same time, security and privacy issues have become primary concerns.

Those critical technological and societal issues need to be addressed in the coming years. They are not addressed by other EUREKA  instruments, and only partially by other instruments in Europe.

In an increasingly digital society, CELTIC-NEXT is the key to the development of the next generations of enabling telecommunications technologies and services, that will reflect the evolving needs of businesses in all sectors and citizens in Europe and beyond, for a broad range of applications and solutions.

Please have a look at the CELTIC-NEXT White Paper approved by the CELTIC-NEXT Industry Group, providing insights on the rationale for the proposed follow-up of CELTIC-NEXT.


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