CELTIC Online Proposers Day, 10th of December 2019


High interest in the CELTICs 3rd Online Pitching Session for the upcoming CELTIC Spring Call 2020 (open until 30th of March) – The Online Proposers Day was highly appriciated by the 150 registered persons! The goal of the Proposers Day was to provide information about CELTIC-NEXT and to exchange 10 new project ideas in the ICT Community. Information about funding opportunities in Canada and Sweden were presented by the public authorities to the audience.

Stay informed about CELTIC-NEXT

CELTIC-NEXT Proposers Days are discussion fora for organisations related to telecommunications and ICT that are interested to participate in a R&D project and want to benefit from performing collaborative research through the EUREKA Cluster CELTIC-NEXT. The CELTIC Online Pitching Session included a short session on the funding situation in Canada and Sweden.

The session started with a short Welcome of our Programme Coordinator Christiane Reinsch and an introduction to  CELTIC-NEXT and the future strategic directions of the CELTIC cluster to the audience. Funding opportunities were presented by Mrs Sanja Šain-Strömberg (Public Authority, VINNOVA Sweden) explaining funding in Sweden and Mr Kasturi Narayanan (Public Authority, NRC Canada) giving details on the funding situation for CELTIC through NRC Canada. Best hands on experiences for new project proposers from Mr. Pekka Eloranta (Sitowise, Finland) was given to the audience.  During the webinar insights on the CELTIC Spring Call 2020 (30th of March 2020) and an overview on the timeline from the submission of a CELTIC proposal to the label of a CELTIC proposal was explained. The target audience for this webinar were participants interested in building a project consortium for future CELTIC Calls for proposals.


16:00- 16:15: Welcome and introduction to CELTIC-NEXT
by Mrs Christiane Reinsch, CELTIC Office Programme Coordinator

16:15- 16:45: Funding opportunities in Canada and Sweden
Moderator Mrs Christiane Reinsch CELTIC Programme Coordinator.
Mr Kasturi Narayanan (Public Authority, NRC Canada) funding situation at NRC Canada
Mrs Sanja Šain-Strömberg (Public Authority, VINNOVA Sweden) funding in Sweden

16:45- 17:00: Best practices from successful CELTIC Projects
by Mr. Pekka Eloranto (Sitowise, Finland).

17.00- 18:00: 10 CELTIC project ideas have been presented by CELTIC Proposers
Moderator Mrs Christiane Reinsch CELTIC Programme Coordinator.

10 new CELTIC Project Ideas were presented:

Please do not hesitate to contact the pitch presenters to discuss about your involvement in joining a project consortium to prepare a project proposal for one of our CELTIC Calls for projects proposals in the year 2020. The connection details of the pitch presenters can be found on the last page of the presentations.

AIMMArman ShojaeifardBTUK
AIDYNCONTDr. Baris Aykent Profen GroupTurkey
Smart Rural WaterAlan WhitesideNHS HighlandUK
AI Driven Expert Support SystemMehmet Y. ŞimşekNetRDTurkey
AI enabled D2CMarkus SihvonenHAMK SmartFinland
Ai SafeMartin TörngreenKTHSweden
5G-Safe+Pekka ElorantaSitowiseFinland
RES4CPSJuhani LatvakoskiVTTFinland
Secure and Efficient Key Management for IoEMohsen TooraniLund UniversitySweden
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For more information please contact office@celticnext.eu

Save the 29th of January in your calendar for the CELTIC-EUROGIA Proposers Day at NOKIA premises in Madrid, Spain.



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