8. Project execution


8.1 How does Celtic provide support during project execution?
The Celtic Office or the Celtic Core Group provide support and help in all phases of the project life-cycle:

  • During project set-up: assistance for definition of PCA, search for additional/ alternative partners, funding problems; etc)
  • During execution phase: online reporting, PCR approval, advise in case of problems, contacts with PAs
  • Project evaluation: initiation of project reviews, progress reports, advise to improve project execution
  • Provision of technical support tools (e-mail exploders, web- and ftp server hosting, online reporter)
  • Assistance for project publications (printed and electronic media)

8.2 What kind of reports are requested from the project?
Celtic requests, as minimum, a quarterly progress reporting from each running project. Preferably, the online reporting tool should be used for this. In addition, Celtic will issue an annual report that will also sent to the Public Authorities.

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