human resource ecosystem

Objective of Project Idea:
utilities of competency management for education, performance, compliance, career pathways, workforce planning, labour policy research and decision making
Name: G Zhao

Proposal key words:C1 Future Service PlatformsC8 Artificial IntelligenceE5 Smart Learning / Digital School


Objective of Project Idea:
What is the main benefit of the idea/proposal? Traceability system to identify and monitoring clean energy in real time. What makes the added value? RENEWAL_ENERGY#CHAIN provides a virtual IDentification to clean energy so consumers know exactly what source of energy they are buying in real time. RENEWAL_ENERGY#CHAIN allows managing the data in different renewal energy facilities around Europe in order to register the renewable origin of the stored energy. Such data is recorded on a blockchain platform that validates and guarantees the reliability of the information.

Proposal key words:A7 Energy efficiency (of networks)

Intelligent & Connected Offshore Wind Farm Maintenance Planning Framework (iConnect-OWF)

Objective of Project Idea:
Offshore wind farms (OWFs) are complex dynamic systems that depend on atmospheric conditions for energy generation and system operation & maintenance (O&M). In order to undertake effective O&M actions it is necessary to determine weather windows that enable accessibility to the farm. In this context, an updated health estimation of wind turbines is crucial to reduce costs and increase reliability. However, the OWF energy production is surrounded by uncertainties, such as wind speed, sea conditions, as well as the degradation process and interactions between electrical and mechanical components. Hence, remote and online condition monitoring and runtime maintenance planning are vital[...]
Name: Jose Aizpurua

Proposal key words:C8 Artificial IntelligenceE3 Digital Enterprise including Industry 4.0E9 Smart Energy (incl. energy efficiency)
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