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Objective of Proposal Idea:
What is the main benefit of the idea/proposal? Traceability system to identify and monitoring clean energy in real time. What makes the added value? RENEWAL_ENERGY#CHAIN provides a virtual IDentification to clean energy so consumers know exactly what source of energy they are buying in real time. RENEWAL_ENERGY#CHAIN allows managing the data in different renewal energy facilities around Europe in order to register the renewable origin of the stored energy. Such data is recorded on a blockchain platform that validates and guarantees the reliability of the information.


Expertise Offerings:

Beyond CMOS for Beyond 5G THz Wireless Communications and Sensing

Company Name: Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics (IAF)

Expertise offered:
The business unit High Frequency Electronics focuses on mm-wave and THz research on device level, circuit level and module level for frequencies up to 1 THz. This involves epitaxial growth of III-V heterostructures, FEOL and BEOL processing, wafer transfer to CMOS and silicon substrates, transistor modeling, integrated circuit design using the in-house 20-nm InGaAs HEMT technology, RF and mixed-signal characterization, prototyping, small volume production, advanced packaging and antenna design and fabrication.