Proposal Ideas:

Optimal emission-free local public transport

Objective of Proposal Idea:
In order to achieve environmental friendly public transport, the way to go at the time are electric busses. Many obstacles must be tackled before the operations can be switched to those alternative drives. We combine research approaches from classic traffic research with advanced machine learning techniques to achieve optimal transport networks for electric busses. We invite any public tranport provider interested in switching to emsission-free operations to take part in our research pursuit.


Expertise Offerings:

Optimizing public transport for emission free vehicles

Company Name: University of Applied Sciences Kempten

Expertise offered:
We have extended expertise on data-acquisition from all kind of vehicles, processing and validating the data and data-analysis with means of classical engineering as well as-state-of the art artificial intelligence approaches. We combine this with procedures from traffic research and our expertise in simulating the operation of electric fleets to optimize the operations of electric public transport in cities.