Proposers’ Brokerage Day of the CELTIC-NEXT Autumn Call 2023 – 5th of October 2023


CELTIC is pleased to have held the CELTIC-NEXT Autumn Call 2023 closing on the 10th of November 2022, a Call Proposers’ Brokerage Day that took place online on Thursday 5th of October 2023 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. CET.

This Proposers’ Brokerage Day was the occasion to learn about the cluster, the call conditions and the topics of interest addressed.  We invited you to participate, engage and explore ground-breaking opportunities together through the Pitching Session held in the afternoon for the Proposers to present their Proposal ideas and recruit potential additional consortium partners!

Proposers will have the opportunity to run a Consortium Building Session the following days from Friday 6th of October 2023 to Wednesday 11th of October 2023.

It is open to all to find potential partners and build a project consortium for this call, so join them by clicking on the save-the-dates below!

New Project Ideas October 5th 2023

Smart Abstract Art for Grassroot Research and Innovation Video Mdu MkhonzaTeka Tako Ngwane InstituteZA
SSATECH Video Sylwia Regulska GüneyBudizzzTR
Teleoperation for Time-Critical TasksContact the Proposers directly for more information.Steven LiUniversity of OuluFI
Predictive maintenance for reliable EV charging Video Petar GeorgievAMPECOBG
Automated Tax Compliance for Cross-border Trading with NB-IoTContact the CELTIC office directly for more information.George IoannouBrunel UniversityUK
PARS Video Aylin YorulmazKoçSistemTR
European Mobile Cyber Protection Video Plamen ToshevAcronisBG
Video Ferhat KutluPaperWorkBPMTR
Operating Multi-function Mobile Private Networks Video Mike DimelowZeetta NetworksUK
Robot Agnostic Software Video Daniel CamilleriBOWUK
Saferoute-6GContact the Proposers directly for more information.Johan Scholliers,
Harold Linke
Timo Sukuvaara

Agenda (see the full pdf version here)

CET/CEST - Heidelberg, GermanyAgenda
9:00-9:05Welcome by the director
9:05-9:55Introduction to CELTIC-NEXT and its SRIA (Slides Video)
10:00-10:30What is a good Proposal and how to submit it (Slides Video)
10:30-11:50National Funding schemes
  • Poland – Mr Andrzej Wajs, NCBR (Video - Slides)

  • Singapour – Mr Zi Yan Koe, EntrepriseSingapore (Video - Slides)

  • Germany – Ms Katharina Lehmeier, DRL (Slides)

  • Luxembourg – Mr Gabor Pataki, Luxinnovation (Video - Slides)

  • Finland – Mr Heikki Uusi-Honko, Business Finland (Video - Slides)

  • Hungary – Mr Gergely Mészàros, NKFIH (Video - Slides)

  • Spain – Ms Juana Sànchez, CDTI (Video - Slides)

  • Turkiye – Mr Umut Ege, TUBITAK (Video - Slides)

  • Austria – Mr Michael Walch, FFG (Video - Slides)

  • United Kingdom – Mr Tom Kirkham, UKRI (Video - Slides)
  • 11:50-12:00Q&A
    12:00-13:00Lunch Break
    CELTIC-NEXT Pitching Session – Potential proposers present their ideas
    - Short information on what the proposal is about (vision, motivation, research domains, impact, planned schedule)
    - Expertise of partners; proposers are looking for contact information
    15:00-15:20Exchange Time

    Key dates for the upcoming Autumn Call 2023 are:

     Autumn Call 2023 Opening 21-July-23
    Launch Event 7-Sept-23
    Proposers Brokerage Day (online) 5-Oct-2023
    Deadline for Proposals 10-Nov-23
    Labels Notifications Jan-2024


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